10 Quick Ways to Boost the Conversion Rate on Your Ecommerce Website

V.I.P TIPS #2: Struggling to expand your ecommerce business?

Here’s that Every Ecommerce Brand Should Focus On In Order To Rocket-Launch Their Conversion Rates

Let’s be honest: 

When talking about a business, analyzing numbers and statistics are the best metric to track performance.

And ecommerce stores aren’t the exception to this rule!

We’ve all heard about the most common techniques used to increase revenue, like sales funnels 

or creating an organic traffic stream… 

But who even has time to see if they really work?

That’s why for every marketer, conversion rate is (to this day) the most reliable metric when it comes to analyzing your E-commerce business’ growth. 


Simply put, it will let you know the percentage of visitors landing on your website and their interactions with it.

The big question you should be asking yourself is…

How can I turn those visitors INTO CUSTOMERS?

In other words…

How Can You Actually Encourage Them To Buy?

Worry not! Today on VIP tips, we’ll tell you all about the 10 infallible ways to BOOST your website’s conversion rate:

#1 Turn Your Website Into a 4D Experience

Using images is great, but using videos…

Takes The Experience To Another Level!

Your customers are not able to feel, touch, or try the product. Watching the product in action gives them the feeling that they’re actually experiencing it for themselves.

Videos allow your customers to use both sight and hearing, making their experience on your website even more personal.

live chat on ecommerce websites

#2 Service 24/7 = Live Chats

Your website relationship with your customers works like any other relationship.

First Impressions Matter!

So, being there, helping them through the shopping process, and focusing on solving any problem they might have, will leave the best impression.

But, be careful… 

Usually live chats can be a double-edged sword

  • If you take a long time to reply
  • If you’re not building rapport with your customers
  • If you never find a solution to their problems

You might want to reconsider providing Live Chat support. So, don’t use it if you’re not sure it will IMPROVE their experience, and instead you end up making it worse.

#3 The Magic Of FREE Shipping 

It’s very likely that your visitors are having doubts about making that click and FINALLY completing that purchase. 


Don’t give them another reason to quit!

Let them know shipping is on you

But if you’re in a position where you can’t afford to make this possible… 

Here’s a VIP TIP: increase the product’s price a little bit instead of charging for shipping. Your customers will instantly feel more motivated to complete that purchase!

#4 Security Rules On All Websites

It’s a fact: 

Potential customers don’t know your site, they don’t even know who you are! 

It’s Your Job To Give Them Reasons To Trust You!

Never forget, your customers are humans with fears and trust-issues, just like most people. 

So think about what makes YOU feel safe and try to deliver the same for them. Some ideas:

  • Different payment methods
    Knowing there are safer options to pay such as Paypal or Google Pay will make them feel more secure to seal the deal. 
  • Display security badges
    Some examples can be Total AV or PC Protect. But never make the mistake of displaying an image “to prove it’s safe”, it will only do the opposite.
  • Social Proof
    Recommendations are one of the best ways to advertise and create trust with your customers.

VIP TIP: You can even make both parties benefit from recommendations by giving a special coupon or extra points (to spend in your store) to the ones who decide to talk about their experience, or even share a photo of how the product looks like.

#5 The Key To Make That Purchase Happen

Picture this:

Your customer has spent hours looking around, choosing what he likes, adding items to his cart. When suddenly…

He leaves your website and you end up with nothing but high hopes and that abandoned cart! 

But that’s not the end of this horror story! Did you know that an average of 76% of your customers will NEVER complete that purchase on their own? 

Imagine losing 76% of your sales!

Change your game plan!

Don’t Make Them Just “Like” Your Product, MAKE THEM CRAVE IT!

Here are some examples of software that works with clients like them, who added items to their cart, entered their email and then left, without completing their order.

  • CartStarck
  • Rejoiner
  • Qualaroo
  • Adroll

It’s important to get their e-mail before their intention of buying fades.

ecommerce customer buying process

#6 Keep Your Website Friendly At All Costs


This time your customer has made up his mind, he’s sure he wants to make that purchase.

Their enemy now would be your complex, puzzling, enigmatic Website…

Which will lead your customer to:

  • Take hours to find what they were looking for
  • Put him off and decide not to buy anything in the end
  • Have a bad impression of your brand (which won’t help you get new customers)

Your customers won’t want nor have the time to give your website an in-depth look in order to find something they don’t even know they want. So…

Be clear with concepts but also with graphics.

Make Their Shopping Experience Exciting And Fun. 

Always put your sales and offers FRONT AND CENTER, so they are easy to spot! You can even have a special section for discounts and sales, this way customers don’t miss any of them.

#7 Different Strokes For Different Folks

No great salesman is interested in a one-time customer. 

Instead, you want a long-term relationship with all of your customers. But how do you get to that point?

Give Them EXACTLY What They Need!

From their demographic data to the items they’re clicking on… All those facts will help you create their personal profile.

Once you know what they’re into, you can start making some filters that will help them make that purchase. 

Remember: The more options you give somebody, the more obstacles you place between them and their purchase.

upselling on ecommerce websites

#8 Upselling Can Change The World

No, this is not reinventing the wheel…

Upselling and cross-selling are some strategies that go hand in hand with personalizing the shopping experience. And that will INSTANTLY boost your total sales!

Show Them Something They Didn’t Even Know They Needed!

Rule of thumb: Offer only products that are related to what they are already buying.

Quick example: They buy a cell-phone, offer some headphones or a case.

#9 SUPER FAST Check-Out Process

A slow, inefficient, difficult check out process…

Is generally the SECOND reason why most customers don’t complete their purchase.

So what can you do to ACTUALLY improve the situation?

VIP TIP: The order is almost complete. So… how about no further steps? 

Not even to login. At this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s a guest or a loyal customer, because your main goal here is to sell.

Don’t put any obstacles between adding a product to the cart and getting them to type in their card information. A “guest order” is better than no order. 

So, please don’t shoot yourself on the foot! The wrong check out process will only lead to:

  • Losing new customers
  • Reducing your profits
  • Overwhelm your customer experience while shopping (Bad brand recognition)

Instead, allow all those potential customers -who are interested- to do an easy check-out!

CTAs on ecommerce website

#10 Call To Action “The Cherry On The Cake”

Just think of this:

You’ve worked really hard improving your website’s design, adding social proof, even fixing your old check out process to make it easier….

But none of that matters if your customers don’t know what to do next! 

Without this tiny but extremely powerful tactic:

  • Customers will be leaving your site
  • Your sales won’t increase significantly

It shouldn’t matter if it’s the first or third time your customer is visiting your website. Because a strong Call To Action will let EVERYONE know what to do next.

Having A Clear, Powerful CTA Is Crucial.

Some elements you should pay attention to while creating your ideal CTA are:

  • Compelling copywriting
  • Contrasting graphics and color
  • Proximity to the previous action
  •  Your site organically flowing to the checkout
  • Always talk to them in first person

I know implementing these strategies all at once might seem a little complicated, so you are probably be wondering…

Your VIP Next Step…

It’s important to keep a track of where your Ecom brand is standing right now, and which areas should you change in order to improve your customer’s shopping experience. .

You want your Ecom brand to grow and expand … 


  • You want to grow your Ecom brand faster without compromising the quality of your products or service
  • You’re full of to-dos (a checklist that just keeps growing)
  • You want a team of experts by your side doing the heavy-lifting for you

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