How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Ecommerce Store’s Profits


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing Campaigns And Why Are They Relevant To Your Ecommerce Store’s Profits!

Digital marketing has seen some dramatic changes throughout recent years. 

We’ve seen most marketers move from email to social media marketing and now… 

Back to email. 

Is email marketing still relevant TODAY? 

Email technology has not changed that much during the course of the years, but what has certainly changed (and improved) is email automation software.

From split testing, click rates, leads, etc., all of these aspects have been the big game changer that have empowered modern store owners and have really set digital marketing apart from “traditional” marketing. 

And it’s no wonder why…

Like few mediums, e-commerce empowers users by making it easier to measure the performance of any given campaign, versus just counting money and trying to make assumptions of what went right and wrong to replicate or avoid on the next campaign. 

Traditional marketers would’ve never dreamed that the results of a mailing campaign could be measured in hours

email marketing vs other marketing platforms

Email vs. other digital marketing platforms 

Let’s clear up a common misconception first:

While people (apparently) don’t spend as much time as they used to in their email, we all own an email account and we have to use it often for different purposes, such as website registration, work, order confirmation, etc.

And that’s EXACTLY when email marketing campaigns have the chance to make a huge impact. 

Compared to other digital marketing platforms, email has the leading advantage of giving you control of the content, length, images, links… 

Basically, the possibilities are (almost) endless!

That, combined with the current automated software such as Klaviyo, Active Campaign, or Mailchimp, you have full control of your list at all times, while you automate most of your marketing process.

Imagine having all of the tools you need to both increase your leads and nurture your client base in an automated way…

And that’s precisely why this is the best time for email marketing, as it is currently generating never-seen-before ROIs. An attractive headline will lure people in like a magnet, once the email is open, the possibilities are unlimited. 

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Content emails (Perfect to help your leads connect and educate them about your product)
  • Promo emails
  • Invitations to events or webinars
  • Direct sales pitches
  • Holiday specials 
  • Birthday gifts
  • Returning customer benefits

The ‘1-1’ feel of a really good email campaign really sets the difference between email marketing and browser/social media ads. 

And again, unlike most digital mediums, with your list YOU’RE THE ONE IN CONTROL!

You’re not limited to expose everyone to the same stuff, you can really cater to different profiles in your email list: 

  • Those who gave you their email address through a landing page but didn’t purchase.
  • Those who purchased from you once but haven’t returned. 
  • Loyal customers and VIP. 
  • People on their birthday month. 

Sending the right thing to the right audience is like having a slingshot vs. trying to use a sticky trap. 

Another important characteristic of email marketing is that it is serialized. 

You might just educate people on the first email, and little by little you start making a stronger sales pitch or generate a sense of urgency. 

Consumers can be like fish, if you’re too eager from the get-go you will do nothing more than scare them. 

But this whole concept of serialized and personalized content is not new. 

It’s commonly called “drip marketing”, and it is most commonly used in email, but not exclusively. 

It can be used with regular mail (Yes, snail mail, but it seems people are still utilizing it… the more you know) 

Or actual person to person marketing (Can you imagine yourself paying a visit to a prospect customer every couple days to deliver “serialized content”?)

But if this nurturing and targeted marketing technique is not new, why is it that it is delivering great results in modern days?

email automation platforms for ecommerce sites


As mentioned earlier, these levels of control over your content and your audience have never been available to the general public as much as they are today. Automation and analytics software has become the foundation of digital marketing, and email isn’t an exception. 

Now, the human part can’t be taken out of consideration. You need a human being to convince another human being. 

So… the software doesn’t do it all for you?

Sadly, email campaigns that run “in automatic” tend to fail pretty easy. 

A basic and templated copywriting and generic designs will make emails look like a “fill in the blank” sort of deal, which will be counterproductive for the general image of your brand. 

Also, it doesn’t matter how much data you’re getting, if you don’t know how to interpret and adjust accordingly. Not putting the time into understanding that data means that valuable information will be no more than just numbers. 

What’s your alternative here?

Having a team of pro’s in your corner doing all of this for you. Why spend all of that time understanding email marketing minutia when in the end, the day only has 24 hours?

As a business owner, that’s not the best use of your time (and time is money!)

However, a team of professionals, such as the ones working at PIXLFEED provides the whole package:

From bulletproof monthly strategies, laser-targeted copy, premium design, A/B testing, constant analysis to make sure your emails don’t reach the spam folder, analytics, and adaptation. 

We go the extra mile so you don’t have to.

And so far, we have granted a monthly increase of 30-40% in email sales for most of our e-com clients.

Interested in making this happen for your business too?

PixlFeed Media

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Tailored marketing strategies.

Growth Focused approach.

Premium ROI results.

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